Hi-School System

Ultimate Software for School, College and University.


Hi-School has got every feature you will ever need to run your institution efficiently.

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All in One Educational Software.

Hi-School is designed to empower educational institutions to focus on delivering high-quality
education, while taking care of administrative tasks and assisting in repetitive resource intensive
activities through seamless automation.

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Smart SEO-Optimized.

Hi-School provides user-friendly dashboards with login access to all the teachers, non-teaching
staff, students, parents and management body of your institution.

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Unlimited Modules for every institution.

The various modules available in Hi-School takes care of all the processes in your institution, right
from admission of new students to generating transfer certificate, when the student completes the

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Track and control school assets and expenses with
accuracy and ease, and also avoid inventory shortages
and surpluses with better visibility of inventory data.

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Efficient & intelligent timetable generation for perfect
synergy between the schools resources and student time,
also empower your teachers to plan and structure the
courseware in detail.



Enjoy the benefits of world class book cataloguing &
referencing integrated with barcode scanners.


Rename settings, add options and restrict access to admin specific areas, it’s easy with our Runway framework. Manage student data with ease and efficiency and
accurately track student attendance & automate your
attendance system!

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Ensure safe and secure student transportation with GPS
tracking and system generated SMS to parents.